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Mirena Experience

Christina’s Mirena Experience So Far So Good

I am 27, don’t have children, and don’t know if I want any just yet so I got the Mirena IUD.  The insertion was painful and caused a very brief but extremely sharp cramp.  Afterwards I was sore and took as much Advil as I was allowed.  I waited a few days to have sex and my boyfriend had no complaints.  I didn’t realize I needed to check the strings on my own, and because I was paranoid, I didn’t.  After 2 periods with mostly spotting, I made a check up appointment.  Ironically, after making that appointment, I had a terrible episode of severe swelling and I couldn’t even examine myself because I was so swollen.

At the doctors visit, she told me I probably had an allergic reaction (which is their way of saying they don’t know what really happened) and that she could not locate the strings.  I had to get sonogram asap.  I then found out the mirena was in place but I had a very large cyst on my ovary which could have been there initially.  I am very worried because even though I thought I never wanted kids, the fact that I may not be able to have them bothers me.  I’m scared even though my doctor said everything was fine.

I actually love this IUD.  I haven’t had a real period and the worst side effect of Mirena IUD thus far is bad cramping and a rare headache. Now that the strings went into my uterus I’m worried and think the reason why I was swollen is because of the strings.  I know I did not have an allergic reaction and think maybe I had a yeast infection which caused swelling.  Anyway my cramping is WORSE now, but I’m gonna give it time.  I just want reassurance that I will be OK and be able to have kids if I want later.

Anatomy of a Sweet Heart

There’s a double meaning to that title. It’s the name of a blog about one person’s journey through heart disease, written by her husband. In other words, it’s a blog about his sweetheart’s “sweet heart.”

According to the about us page, the blogger’s name is Joe. He’s a writer, coach and music industry consultant. Three days before Christmas, his wife Lori, age 34, suffered a heart attack. Not just any heart attack either, but one from a rare heart defect that kills 80% of the people that have it. They have decided to spend the next year telling her story to let other folks know how important it is to, as Joe put it, “cherish your life and monitor your health.”

Not only that, they’re writing a book about it too. The blog will serve as a “running log of our research as well as updates on Lori’s recovery.”

I’ll be keeping a close eye on this blog and on Lori’s progress. I hope you will too.