Cinnamon Almonds

Apart from the fact that almonds are highly nutritious nuts holding within them quite extensive health benefits, they are also quite exquisite to be eaten. Whether they eaten raw, roasted, blanched or as a part of numerous sweet dishes that includes the nuts as an ideal ingredient, these fine nuts are quite delicious to be eaten and often their entire outlook, texture and taste can be enhanced with the proper, strategic recipes. Such a recipe is that of the cinnamon almonds which bring rich sweetness to these distinct nuts that people often experience to task bitter due to the outer skin covering them. Yet, with an ideal recipe of both combination, you could enjoy the almonds as a delicious sweet.


The ingredients required for the preparation are quite simple and are each required merely in a small quantity. These essential ingredients include:

A half a cup of sugar that is granulated,
A half teaspoon of cinnamon,
One eighth teaspoon of cream of tartar,
One fourth cup of hot water,
A half teaspoon of vanilla extract,
One and a half cup of almonds that are whole and toasted.

Method to prepare:

To actually create the recipe that are really delicious, as crunchy as morning cereal while melt within your mouth, this following recipe will ideally suit your for the preparation of really savoring cinnamon almonds.

  • Firstly to start preparing the cinnamon and almonds, the oven has to be preheated at two hundred and fifty degrees. An ideal baking tray to spread the almonds over would be one with dimensions of ten by fifteen inches. Grease the tray really lightly using vegetable oil. Next beat an egg white also quite lightly along with adding water to it and continue beating it, till it becomes frothy.
  • Add these almonds to the egg mixture and continue stirring still they settle down within the mixture and are fully covered. Alongside also prepare another mixture of salt, cinnamon spice and sugar in another bowl. Spread out all the egg coated nuts over the baking tray and sprinkle the cinnamon mixture over them. To fully coat the nuts with the cinnamon you can toss and turn them within the tray.
  • Once the almonds have properly been coated with the cinnamon, place the baking tray in the oven that had been preheated and continue to bake them for another hour, often in between also flipping them over so that they are properly cooked and roasted.
  • Finally the nuts that are toasted and cooked need to be cooled down before you can eat them.

They actually have quite specific health benefits because the combination of cinnamon and the almonds is quite beneficial to enable the proper regulation of blood and is a good prevention against hazardous illnesses.

Nonetheless, apart from the mentioned recipe, they can be prepared through several other methods as well, yet following this particular one would enable you to obtain really rich and versatile foods with them.