On the Issues

Senator Smith has consistently been an advocate of lower taxes for individuals, families and businesses and his efforts have earned him numerous awards from taxpayer groups and opponents of wasteful government spending. He was a vocal supporter of the $500 per child tax credit, the reduction in the capital gains tax and the increase of the threshold of the inheritance tax, all of which allow families to keep more of what they earn to raise their own children and save for the future. Senator Smith also cosponsored the Tax Code Termination Act to eliminate the current tax code by the year 2002.


Senator Smith opposed the creation of Goals 2000 and led the effort to prevent the use of taxpayer funds for homosexual advocacy in the classroom. As a cosponsor of A+ Accounts to allow parents and guardians to contribute money to education savings accounts with tax-free interest and as a former teacher and school board chairman, Senator Smith has been a consistent supporter of local control and choice in education. He believes that the U.S. Department of Education is unconstitutional and should be completely abolished.


Judicial Activism
To combat the current activist Judiciary, Senator Smith has introduced a Term Limits for Judges constitutional amendment. This bill would limit the terms of federal judges to 10 years, allowing them to be reappointed subject to confirmation by the Senate. He was one of three Senators to vote against Ruth Bader Ginsburg nomination.


National Defense
Senator Smith, as a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee and chairman of the Strategic Forces Subcommittee, has made the protection of America’s national security a top priority and believes cuts to our nation’s military have been too deep and have cut too far in manpower, weapons and readiness. He is currently working to ensure that America is protected from the real and growing threat of ballistic missile attack. He has also worked tirelessly for 15 years to gain an accounting for America’s POWs and MIAs by travelling to Communist nations and declassifying Government records.


A consistent pro-life leader with a perfect pro-life voting record for his entire 13 years in Congress, Senator Smith introduced legislation in 1995 to ban the procedure of infanticide, better known as partial-birth abortion. He also took a lead role in efforts to stop federal funding of human embryo research and led the successful effort to eliminate federal funding of abortions by preserving the Hyde Amendment from attack by pro-abortion advocates. He is the prime sponsor of the Human Life Constitutional Amendment and a bill establishing the personhood of the unborn child from the moment of conception.


Senator Smith is an ardent foe of compulsory unionism and is a cosponsor of the 1997 Paycheck Protection Act, which makes it illegal for unions to take dues from their members for political purposes without the written consent of the member.


Second Amendment Rights
Senator Smith continues to support the constitutional rights of law-abiding gun owners in America.


Flag Burning
As an ardent defender of the responsibilities and liberties symbolized by the American flag, Senator Smith is a cosponsor of a proposed constitutional amendment banning the desecration of the flag.


Government Ethics
As chairman of the Senate Ethics Committee, Senator Smith has a proud record of opposition to corrupt and unaccountable government. He has been a strong voice in exposing scandals in the Clinton White House while participating in the Special Investigation of 1996 campaign fundraising scandals as a member of the Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs.


Senator Smith is concerned that illegal immigration is costing taxpayers millions of dollars while closing the door to legal immigrants. He is doing his part to tighten up immigration laws through his leadership on legislation such as the Anti-Terrorism Act of 1995, which would deport terrorist aliens, and the Immigration Control Act, which enhances border patrol and fights smuggling.


National Sovereignty
Senator Smith opposes international agreements that threaten the sovereignty of the United States. He strongly opposed Chemical Weapons Convention, and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. He opposes placing U.S. Troops under U.N. command.