Mirena Experience

Christina’s Mirena Experience So Far So Good

I am 27, don’t have children, and don’t know if I want any just yet so I got the Mirena IUD.  The insertion was painful and caused a very brief but extremely sharp cramp.  Afterwards I was sore and took as much Advil as I was allowed.  I waited a few days to have sex and my boyfriend had no complaints.  I didn’t realize I needed to check the strings on my own, and because I was paranoid, I didn’t.  After 2 periods with mostly spotting, I made a check up appointment.  Ironically, after making that appointment, I had a terrible episode of severe swelling and I couldn’t even examine myself because I was so swollen.

At the doctors visit, she told me I probably had an allergic reaction (which is their way of saying they don’t know what really happened) and that she could not locate the strings.  I had to get sonogram asap.  I then found out the mirena was in place but I had a very large cyst on my ovary which could have been there initially.  I am very worried because even though I thought I never wanted kids, the fact that I may not be able to have them bothers me.  I’m scared even though my doctor said everything was fine.

I actually love this IUD.  I haven’t had a real period and the worst side effect of Mirena IUD thus far is bad cramping and a rare headache. Now that the strings went into my uterus I’m worried and think the reason why I was swollen is because of the strings.  I know I did not have an allergic reaction and think maybe I had a yeast infection which caused swelling.  Anyway my cramping is WORSE now, but I’m gonna give it time.  I just want reassurance that I will be OK and be able to have kids if I want later.