The Joy of Generic Soft Drinks

It doesn’t take much to bring joy to my life. Sometimes as a matter of fact, it is nothing more than realizing that something as simple as generic soft drink can really make a difference. There have been at least two instances in my life where generic soft drink has brought joy and in all […]

Mirena Experience

Christina’s Mirena Experience So Far So Good I am 27, don’t have children, and don’t know if I want any just yet so I got the Mirena IUD.  The insertion was painful and caused a very brief but extremely sharp cramp.  Afterwards I was sore and took as much Advil as I was allowed.  I […]

Gaarrr an Teed Cajun Tastes

The Cajuns originated in the South of France, emigrated to Nova Scotia, and then were displaced in the mid-1700’s by the British, many of them migrating to Louisiana.  So, Cajun cooking is really French country cooking, embellished with American ingredients.  The large French population in Louisiana embraced the Arcadians, and the culture was one of […]

How Cooking Shows have Changed American Tastes

The culinary mindset of most middle class Americans in the 1950s leaned to easy and convenient foods that played to an avalanche of prepackaged, highly processed products. This was the era that led to individually wrapped cheese, Jello, Tang and the TV dinner. The food trends for busy families crept in with cans, jars and […]

Alternatives to Alcohol Made with Wheat

Those who are diagnosed with Celiac Disease must confront a new lifestyle that involves a limited menu for both food and drink.  Adjusting to a gluten free lifestyle may be hard enough for fans of bread heavy meals, though there are gluten free alternatives.  There is an added difficulty for those who choose to imbibe […]

How to Make Wheat Free Pizza

Anyone with an intolerance to gluten, also known as celiac disease, knows that even a small amount of this substance can cause serious and uncomfortable health problems. There are any number of things that need to be removed from a person’s diet if they suffer from this food allergy. Even things like pizza, since wheat […]

Fast Food Purchase with Food Stamps – Yes

In four states, Florida, Michigan, Arizona and California, recipients of food stamps are allowed to purchase fast food items. The main reason these states allow this is to help indigent people such as homeless, disabled and elderly (age 60 and over) people who have no means of providing warm food for themselves. Other states are starting […]

Food Items that should not be Refrigerated

For most food items it is advised to refrigerate to make them last longer.  However, there are some items that should not be refrigerated.  Many fruits and vegetables will last longer when refrigerated but some vegetables that should not be kept in the refrigerator are potatoes, tomatoes, onions, garlic and winter squash.  Potatoes keep best […]