How to Make Homemade Cotton Candy

Who doesn’t love the fluffy, sticky-sweet taste of cotton candy at a fair or amusement park?  Fairs and carnivals come around once a year.  It’s not every day that you go to an amusement park either.  You can enjoy cotton candy and relive those carnival memories anytime of the year.  Making your own cotton candy […]


I did some research on Avesil and it has been reported that Avesil is safe and an effective weight loss supplement. Avesil has a risk-free trial that is available out there if you want to give it a try. I believe that Avesil is used to attack the fat that we are all desperately trying […]

Questions and Answers on Inserting a tampon

Here are some questions answered about how to insert a tampon, the tips and the cautions, find the following: Q: Tampons are so much more comfortable than pads so why are you attacking the tampon industry for helping women be more comfortable on their time of the month? A: I myself am a tampon user. […]

Chopping Vegetables Artfully

Each vegetable lends itself to an artful arrangement as well as to a sliced, diced or chopped shape that facilitates easier cooking. And with that in mind most cooks seldom needto think twice about how to reduce each soup portion, each casserole or salad ingredient to its finest denominator; the idea is to get each […]

Anatomy of a Sweet Heart

There’s a double meaning to that title. It’s the name of a blog about one person’s journey through heart disease, written by her husband. In other words, it’s a blog about his sweetheart’s “sweet heart.” According to the about us page, the blogger’s name is Joe. He’s a writer, coach and music industry consultant. Three days before Christmas, his wife […]

Generic Lexapro 20 mg review

Generic Lexapro 20mg is an antidepressant of the new generation, which has fast and strong action. It is used for treatment of depression, especially in people who have depression with sudden violent involuntary movements in the different groups of muscles. The Lexapro successfully copes with depression of any severity and other disorders of the nervous […]

About Senator Bob Smith

On March 28, 1945, two days before Bob Smith’s fourth birthday, his dad, a naval aviator, was killed during active duty at the end of World War II. Bob’s grandparents helped raise him and his brother Richard on their family farm while his widowed mother worked to support her two boys. On the farm, Bob […]

New Hampshire Primary Kickoff Dinner Speech May 2, 1999

Thank you Chairman Duprey and Chairman Nicholson. As the senior Senator and Republican leader in this state, on behalf of the people of New Hampshire, I thank each of the Republican candidates for coming here and showing your support for our first in the Nation Primary. Welcome to the Live Free or Die State. One […]

On the Issues

Taxes Senator Smith has consistently been an advocate of lower taxes for individuals, families and businesses and his efforts have earned him numerous awards from taxpayer groups and opponents of wasteful government spending. He was a vocal supporter of the $500 per child tax credit, the reduction in the capital gains tax and the increase […]